Black Tree 


Dipalo Burrata Toasted Ciabatta, Olive Oil, Sea Salt $10

Deviled Duck Egg Hard Duck Egg, Rillettes infused Mimosa, Chimichurri $6

Rutabaga ‘Artichoke’ Dip Rutabaga, Garlic, Ricotta, Cheddar $13

Charcuterie Board Pork Rillettes, Pork Terrine, Hogget Terrine, Rabbit Rillettes, House Pickles, Herbs, House Mustard, Toast Points $18 

Black Tree ‘Congee’ Fermented Oats, Steamed Tatsoi, Onion, Garlic, Chevrotin & Mushroom Stock, Sea Salt $9 Add an Egg $2 


Ducks, Ducks, Ducks. NY Born & Bred. From GrassLands Farms.

House Prosciutto 3-month Cured Duck Leg, House Mustard, Pickle $17 Taco (2) Leg Meat, Oyster Mushroom Chutney, Sour Cream, Chive $11 

Combo #15 Duck Spring Roll (Pulled Leg, Scallion, Carrot, Beet) Duck Breast Fried Rice (Freekeh, Egg, Onion, Carrot, Chilies) $16

Leg Confit Whole Leg, Creamy Mash, Duck Gravy, Arugula $17

Duck Bacon Ramen Duck Stock, Fried Duck Egg, Duck Bacon, Chili, Scallion $17

Bahn Mi Duck Leg, Rillettes, Liver Mousse, Spicy Aioli, Pickled Carrots, Cilantro $17 Breast Pan Seared Breast, Duck Fat Potato, Sweet Roasted Onion $19

~From Farm to Sandwich~

Winter Beet: Roasted Candy Striped Beets, Creamy Goat Cheese, Horseradish, Balsamic Reduction, Fresh Herbs, Arugula $13

ADD Farm Egg $2, Bacon $2, make it EPIC $7 (add Burrata)

Spring Mushroom: White Wine & Herb Braised Crimini Mushroom, Ricotta, Honey, Crispy Shitakes, Mint Pesto $12

ADD Farm Farm Egg $2, Bacon $2, make it EPIC $7 (add Burrata)

Winter Pig: Other Half Green Diamond IPA Braised Pork Belly, Brown Butter Apple Preserves, Pickled Apples, Cheddar, Mint $15

ADD Farm Egg $2, Bacon $2

Spring Short Rib: Red Wine & Rushing Duck Stout Braised Short Rib, Buttermilk Blue Cheese Dressing, Arugula, Pickled Watermelon Radish $15

ADD Farm Egg $2, Bacon $2


Market Sides

North Fork Potato Chips $2

Hydroponic Arugula w/ Apple Vinaigrette $3

Creamy Polenta $6

Creamy Polenta $6

Honey Roasted Carrots $7

Skillet Creamy Potato & Celeriac Mash $7

**Some Items May Become Unavailable**

After Dinner Eats & Drinks

Brown Butter Apple Bread Pudding $7
Add a scoop $2
Chocolate Chip Maple Bacon Skillet Cookie $7
Add a scoop $2
Oddfellows Ice Cream $6
Brooklyn-Based Small Batch Artisanal Flavors:
Olive Oil
PB & J
Thai Ice Cream
Southern Tier Stout & Ice Cream Float $7
Root Beer Float $7


After Dinner Drinks  $9

Van Brunt Grappa
Fingerlakes Distillery Pear Brandy
Warwick Apple Brandy

Black Tree Sazerac $13
Apple Brandy, Smoked Maple, Cherry Tree Bitters, Van Brunt Grappa

All Ingredients locally sourced
and of the highest quality



Fig $13
Fig infused Vodka, Heirloom Apples, Cider, Sparkling Wine, Fall Spices


Concord Grape $13

Concord Grape infused Tequila, Van Brunt White Whiskey, Honey, Bittermen’s Citron Sauvage


Pear $13
Sage infused Gin, Spicy Pear, Bitterman’s Amere Nouvelle, Vanilla Bean


Pumpkin $12
Chocolate infused Whiskey, Smoked Pumpkin Syrup, Greenport Harbor Leaf Pile Ale & Bitters


Maple $20
Any Beer in our Custom Glass w/ a shot of Maple Infused Bourbon & then Keep the Glass


Dreaming Up Ole Fashions $12 (Stirred w/ Rocks)

Choose Rye or Bourbon, Choose Bitters w/ a Hint of Brown Sugar


Naragganset Beer & Shot  $7 

House Made “FireBall” Shot $6

Bacon Bourbon Shot $6, Concord Grape Tequila $6

Pickle Back $5

~Draught Beers $7~
Six Point Nelson Sauvin IPA
Peekskill Brewery Sour
Wandering Star Catnip
Southern Tier Double Milk Stout
Greenport Harbor Leaf Pile

~Wines on Tap $8~
Gotham Project Rose
Empire Builder Chardonnay
Gotham Project Red
Sparkling White

~Bottles $6~
Blue Point Toasted Lager 
Blue Point Hoptical Illusion 
Brooklyn Brown Ale 
Cricket Hill Amber
McKensie Hard Cider 
Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin (8%) $8 
Captain Lawrence IPA (16pz) $8

Cans 16oz Six Point Crisp, Bengali Tiger Righteous Rye,  Diesel Stout, Sweet Action  $6
Cans 12oz Naragansett LagerPork Slap, Moo Thunder Stout $4

Have a Shot with ANYthing (or just the shot) $4

~Bottle List~

Doc’s Hopped Cider (6%) NY 22oz $14
Original Sin Heirloom Pippin Cider (6.7%) NY 750ml $22
Brooklyn Brewery GreenMarket Wheat (5.4%) BK 750ml $18
Dogfish Head Positive Contact (9%) MD 750ml $24
Dogfish Head My Antonia (7.5%) MD 750ml $21
Barrel House Local Species (6.6%) VA 750ml $30
Voodoo Pilzilla (7.5%) PA 22oz $16
Southern Tier Compass (9%) NY 22oz $19
Dogfish Head Noble Rot (9.0%) MD 750ml $24
Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace (7.5%) BK 750ml $18
Pretty Things Brewery Jack D’or Saison (6.4%) MA 750ml $17
Barrel House Mandolin (9%) VA 750ml $32
Weyerbacher Virdis Lupulus (7.5%) PA 750ml $21
Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA (7.5%) MD 750ml $22
Kuka Imperial Rye IPA (9.4%) NY 750ml $21
Weyerbacher Double Simcoe (9.0%) PA 750ml $24
Kuka Golden (9.2%) NY 750ml $20
Brooklyn Brewery Local 2 (8.2%) BK 750ml $18
Voodoo Wynona’s Big Brown (7.3%) PA 22oz $16
Ommegang Art of Darkness (8.7%) NY 750ml $39
Victory Red Thunder (8.5%) PA 750ml $20
Weyerbacher Blasphemy (11.8%) PA 750ml $27
Barrel House Dark Hollow (10%) 750ml $34
Pretty Things Brewery Baby Tree (9%) MA 750ml $19

~Spirit List~

LiV Potato (NY) $8
Triple 8 (RI) $8
Adirondack (NY) $8
Boyd & Blair $9
Barr Hill (VT) $10

Brueckelen Distilling (BK)
Glorious $8

Half Moon Orchard (NY) $9
Ethereal Batch 9 (Seasonal) $9
Greylock $9
Warwick Valley (NY) $8
New England Distillery (NY)
Ingenium $10

Barr Hill (VT) $9
Greenhook Ginsmith (BK) $9

Brueckelen Distilling (BK)
77 Wheat $10
77 Rye $10

Fingerlakes Distilling (NY)
McKenzie Rye $10
McKenzie Bourbon $10
McKenzie Pure Pot Still $10

Suffolk County Distillery (LI)
Rough Rider Bourbon $9
Rough Rider Triple Barrel Rye $10
Pine Barrens Single Malt $14

Triple 8 (RI)
Nor’easter Bourbon $9

Widow Jane (NY)
Rye $9
Bourbon $10

Hudson (NY)
Manhattan Rye $11
White Whiskey $11

Van Brunt Stillhouse (BK)
American Whiskey $13
White Whiskey $12

Dulce Vida Organic (TX)
Blanco $9, Reposado $10, Anejo $11

Suerte (CO)
Blanco $8, Reposado $9, Anejo $10


All Liquor, Beer & Wine Locally Sourced and of the Highest Quality

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